The Journey Begins

“There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be…”
— John Lennon

This quote pretty much defines how I feel about life right now, so I figured it would be the perfect first line. Here we go y’all— I’M STARTING A BLOG! 🙂

What took me so long, right? If you know me at all (or follow me on social media), this probably does not come as a surprise to you. Your girl is obsessed with taking pictures, giving advice, sharing about the latest products I try in obnoxious *cough*—I mean useful amount of detail, exploring new places, FOOD, fashion, decorating, running my real estate marketing company, and SLEEPING! ….Well, sleeping won’t necessarily be a hot topic here, BUT I do love a good nap. So if I can figure out a way to write about sleep related topics, I probs will 🙃


That little jam-packed attempt at a grammatically correct sentence should give you a pretty solid idea of what you can expect in blog topics!

Why am I starting a blog now, you ask? If I am being 100% transparent (which I believe everyone should be at all times BTW), my desire to start a blog began a few years ago and was strictly fashion driven. Seriously, playing dress-up and switching up my style to share with friends continues to be a favorite hobby of mine 👗🙌🏽✨ However, despite loving the thought of having a fashion blog, I didn’t feel enough drive to start it. And I definitely was not about to embarrass myself for everyone to see 😳 (!!!).
But NOW… here we are, a few years later. I’m older and wiser, and therefore accepting that I will still absolutely embarrass myself.

Just kidding!

…I’m surprisingly not very funny… just a lot #awkward.
|| You’ll really get a good look at my shameless awkward behavior when you read about how I met my fiancé in the “Life” category || 😅 #luckytobeengaged

For real though, I have a legitimate drive for this.

If you do not already know, you’re finding out as you read this that I have my own real estate marketing company which I founded in January of 2016. The last 2+ years jump starting my business has given me the most rewarding experience in client relations, ALL things marketing, the real estate industry, self-discovery & good ole growing pains—always worth it!  I cannot wait to share more about Marist Inc. in future posts! But for now, just think of it as a HUGE piece of my story that has naturally led me full circle to my renewed desire to start a Lifestyle blog.

So there it is…

I decided to upgrade from just Fashion blogging to full Lifestyle blogging. A true look into my life and my business with no holding back! 💃🏻

*Side note— if you’re in real estate and reading this, or just an entrepreneur looking to build a super savvy branded web presence…there will be no shortage of branding, marketing, and/or real estate related blogs for you to read up on (yay, content!).

Speaking of content…

I FINALLY feel that I have valuable experience to share! The idea is to share quality posts on topics you all will care about, affiliate with current businesses & new brands I love, and most importantly… keep some surefire laughable records of what is happening in my personal life. Sending good vibes (to myself 🤔) as I do my best to build a platform that Lord-willing serves as a valuable, entertaining, relatable, and educational platform to bring people together!

thanks for coming along this journey with me 😅
Important: If you are still reading this, *big hugs*! 
Also, it would be really exciting for me to get an email 
stating that you subscribed to future blog posts. 
Or a comment would be fun. 

Just saying.
...if you're into it.
🍍👙🌊 I know you thought my pineapple pic was a little cute. Or bright. #whateverjustsubscribe #thankyouforreading !



Send me a little message if you’d like!

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